Top 5 reasons to become a Destinelo partner


1. Low Commission Fee and business costs

Our Commission Fee is low – 10% in all categories of services (accommodation, car rentals, tours or cruises.)

Our Commission Fee is tax free – no VAT will be charged.

Minimising business costs – the 10 % Commission Fee is retained by the system at the end of a successful booking, you are not required to send us monthly compensation or engage in costly bank transactions.

Guarantee – our Partners have the possibility to ask for an advanced payment percentage from the Customer during the booking process. When your cancellation period expires Destinelo will forward you this amount.

2. Special bonuses for our new Partners

You get free advertisement slots on our website (apart from your usual presence) free of charge during the first year of cooperation. It can be used to display your Last Minute or Special deals which is premium content visible on key pages of our website to engage our Customers. You can find out more at this link.

3. Be a part of a select few

You won’t have thousands of competitors in our system which increases your visibility and chances of successful bookings.

4. Advertising done on your behalf

Destinelo engages in both country specific and global advertising of your services. Through our newsletter, social media channels and browser advertisements we reach Your target audience with precision. We will not charge you additionally for this advertisement.

5. We’re here to form a successful business partnership

Do you have special arrangements in mind? Or you want to have your offers featured and advertised through our newsletter, social media channels and search engines? Feel free to contact us, we’re happy to assist you in creating the best solutions suited for your business needs.