Best beaches - Budva, Montenegro

The best beaches in Budva, Montenegro

Budva is one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic, with its picturesque old town lying on a peninsula stretching into the sea. The city’s main attraction is the medieval castle wall and the Citadel which offers a magnificent view of the Budva riviera.
Due to its historic heritage, its 38 km long shoreline and 17 beaches, it is the prime tourist destination of Montenegro.

Budva, Montenegro

Budva, Montenegro

Since the beaches of the Budva riviera are very diverse, you can surely find one that will amaze you, whether you’re interested in the vibrant coastal life or tranquility. The below list features some of the best beaches of the Budva riviera.

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Slovenska plaža beach

Slovenska plaža is the one and a half kilometer long city beach which is sandy and pebbled at the same time. The main promenade of Budva stretches along the beach, with vibrant nightlife and numerous shops and cafes. There’s a huge resort with the same name at the location. It is recommended to chose your lounge chair and umbrella before 11 a.m. to beat the crowds.

Slovenska beach, Budva

Slovenska beach, Budva, Montenegro

Mogren beach

Situated 150 meters from the old town and surrounded by cliffs and lush vegetation, Mogren Beach consists of two parts, Mogren I and II, separated by a cliff with a cave-like tunnel where you can easily cross to the other side. The sandy Mogren is one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. In 2004 it was given the Blue Flag qualification.

Mogren Beach, Budva, Montenegro

Mogren Beach, Budva, Montenegro

Jaz beach

Jaz is the largest beach in the area, 1.2 km long and it is located 2.5 km from Budva. It consists of two parts: one part approx. 800 meters and the other 400 meters long which is also used as a nudist beach. It has a sandy beach. A camp, restaurants and cafés can be found here.

Jaz beach, Budva, Montenegro

Jaz beach, Budva, Montenegro

St. Nicholas Island (Ostrvo Sveti Nikola)

St. Nicholas Island (Ostrvo Sveti Nikola) is the best-known place of excursion in Budva. The coast of the island descends vertically into the sea, and there are several small, secluded coves, which are ideal romantics, adventurers or families. There are three sandy beaches on the island with a total of 840 m. The island can be reached by boat on a daily basis during the season from the beaches of Budva. The most beautiful beaches on the southern side can only be reached by boat. The island is covered with various Mediterranean plants that make beaches and bays attractive. Suitable for both daytime and night time. St. Nicholas Island (Ostrvo Sveti Nikola) is less than 1 km from Budva.

Sveti Nikola Island, Budva, Montenegro

St Nikola Island, Budva, Montenegro

Bečići beach

The Bečići beach won the “Grand Prix” in 1935 in Paris, and the title of the most beautiful beach in Europe. It is a 2,000 metres long sandy beach immediately recognizable by its multicoloured sand, originating from the rocks of four different brooks and from the well-known green (“blue”) rocks from the beach. It has some of the cleanest water. The beach is divided into several hotel and public beaches. It is surrounded by the highest category hotels and excellent restaurants offering both national and international cuisine.

Becici, Budva, Montenegro

Becici, Budva, Montenegro

Kamenovo beach

An exceptionally beautiful beach at the junction of turquoise waters and a sandy shore. It got its name after a stone that was built up by the sea in the eastern part of the Kamenovo Bay. Due to its favourable south-east position the number of sunny hours are very high. There are several cafés and restaurants on location.

Plaza Kamenovo beach, Montenegro

Kamenovo beach, Montenegro


Pržno beach is located in front of the picturesque Mediterranean town with the same name. It is sandy and partially rocky. The beach is facing west which makes the sunset particularly beautiful here. It has an invaluable olive grove for which the whole area is considered a protected nature reserve. Next to the beach is the Maestral Hotel, as well as a range of cafés and restaurants.

Plaza Przno Beach, Montenegro

Przno Beach, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, an old fishing village built on an island is now a luxury resort. Only the guests of the hotel can stay on the island. The charming little island with its red rooftops surrounded by the turquoise sea is one of the most beautiful sights in Montenegro that you can admire from the beach.

The two beaches of Sveti Stefan stretch on both sides of the slope connecting the hotel to the coastline. There’s a total of 1170 m of beach. One side is reserved for the guests of the luxury hotel.

Plaza Sveti Stefan Beach, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan Beach, Montenegro


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