Skadarlija street - Belgrade's Montmartre

Skadarlija – Belgrade’s Montmartre

Skadarlija is a vintage street, an urban neighborhood and the main bohemian quarter of the Old town of Belgrade.

Its bohemian character dates back to end of 19th century when many of Serbian poets, writers and actors have occupied the taverns in Skadarlija. The neighbourhood became popular due to its close proximity to the National Theatre and former operetta and musical halls.

Many poems and stories were written on the napkins and tavern sheets as a payment currency for many writers of the time who paid for their food and drinks with their art created on the spot.

Skadarlija street, Belgrade

A Montmartre in Belgrade? No, it is Skadarlija

Skadarlija is often compared to Montmartre in Paris, both for its appearance and the cheerful, vigorous artists’ atmosphere. What’s more, in the 1970’s it became the sister quarter of Paris’ Montmartre.

Today the cobble-stoned street hosts some of the best restaurants in Belgrade and is one of the prime tourist attractions. It features well-known restaurants, bars, galleries, antique and souvenir shops all of which strive to preserve the bohemian traditions. At the top of the street there’s a fountain surrounded by murals depicting Skadarlija in its historic days.

The bands tend to play traditional music in the restaurants specializing mostly in local cuisine.
The most well-known cafe-restaurants of modern Skadarlija are “Zlatni bokal”, “Tri šešira”, “Dva jelena”, “Dva bela goluba”, “Velika Skadarlija”, just to name a few.
Make sure to order some music with your dinner. It will come in the form of real live musicians at your table, playing 19th century Serbian ballads – you will be charged for it through your bill, but it is well worth it.

Skadarlija Belgrade Bohemian Street

Skadarlija Belgrade Bohemian Street

Skadarlija’s cafés, restaurants and art exhibits attract up to 20,000 people daily.

There is a saying that if you don’t visit Skadarlija you cannot truly experience Belgrade.

Whoever wants to find a place to stay near this remarkable vintage street and experience the local atmosphere, the best way is to check our map and find accommodation in Belgrade near Skadarlija.

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