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Belgrade is fast building a reputation as a city that really knows how to enjoy itself, with excellent museums, a vast selection of restaurants and cafés, and probably the best nightlife in southeast Europe. Modern-day Serbia has worked hard to put the torrid 1990s behind it, with most visitors speaking warmly of the friendliness and generosity of Belgradians.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and one of the largest cities in Southeast Europe. Its name literally means “the white city”. The urban area is populated with 1.35 million+, while over 1.65 million+ people live within its administrative borders.

Overlooking the convergence of its mighty rivers Danube and Sava is the stunning fortress of Kalemegdan, one of Belgrade’s most impressive sights, set within a large and pleasant park that rises into a sheer hill. The battlements were built to defend the city from various invaders.

The city has a long and tumultuous history, dating back to the 4th century BC, when the area was settled by Celtic tribes. In the Roman times, the city became the Roman city of Singidunum, and relics of that era can still be seen in the city, particularly at the Kalemegdan Fortress. During the Middle Ages the town changed hands between the Kingdom of Hungary, the Serbian Despotate and the Ottoman Empire. The first time the city became the Serbian capital was during the medieval Serbian Despotate in the 15th c. If you visit Serbia you can discover a great cultural heritage influenced by the entire European culture.

Today’s Belgrade is an energetic city re-discovering its potential as an inviting travel destination.

It is recognized for its quality food and drinks.

The city has hundreds of restaurants specializing in local cuisine and a number of international restaurants. On the whole, prices are cheap compared to Western Europe with main dishes ranging from €5–20 per person. The Serbian cuisine is famous for its heavy use of varied vegetables, fresh or cooked. Most Serbian restaurants offer  “roštilj” (ROSH-teel), which is a large plate of various grilled meat, including grilled chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese. The most celebrated ingredient of a “roštilj plate is ćevapčići, also called “Ćevapi”, the most famous dish in Serbia (pronounced: chay-VAP-chitchee). It is a traditional food eaten throughout the Balkans.

Coffee culture is particularly splendid in Serbia. Walking about the central areas of the city you will find sprawling terraces and cafés, serving all types of coffee and sweets. Be sure to try Serbian “Turkish” coffee and chestnut purée with whipped cream.

There are plenty of places to stay in Belgrade and try all of its delicacies – all you have to do is chose your favorite accommodation in Belgrade.

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With its reputation as one of Europe's foremost party capitals firmly entrenched, there's little need to list Belgrade's ample nightlife credentials. However, during the spring and summer months things reach truly epic proportions with revellers packing the streets until dawn on a nightly basis, and a general festive atmosphere permeating throughout the whole city.

If there's one word for visitors to familiarise themselves with is 'splavovi' - the Serbian name for the party boats moored along Belgrade's river banks. Coming in various shapes and sizes, these are a must for any night out during summer (many are working during the whole year).

You can have a night out in Belgrade every single night. Locals usually don't go out to nightclubs before midnight. Well prepared to dance the night away, they often go straight to work the next day. You can dance in old fortresses and on boats, in underground caverns and cocktail bars. And there's a great array of musical styles to dance to: from ragged Gypsy fiddlers to Serbian turbo-folk, from banging techno through heavy metal, and more, much more.

There are two types of clubs in Belgrade: winter and summer clubs. Winter clubs are indoor clubs which are mostly located in the city center – open from late September to early May. Summer clubs are open type clubs with large gardens or located on river (splavovi).

Many of the most popular drinking and dancing venues are only a short walk from the central Republic Square (Trg Republike). The place bustles with young people all year round who meet there before heading out to clubs. With some located inside the walls of the Kalemegdan Fortress, hidden in passages or up stairwells, they serve up world-class live and DJ music.

The Kalemegdan park at the top of Knez Mihailova, the main pedestrian street, has multiple spaces at night reserved for gigs and parties, which is a great way to spend a summer night if the clubs are making you claustrophobic or overheated.

What marks Belgrade as an exceptional clubbing city is its waterways. Remember 'splavovi'? Several kilometres of the Sava and Danube rivers are home to anchored rafts shoring up cafes, restaurants and clubs. The most recognizable summer nightlife features of Belgrade are these party boats offering many different musical genres. They are open from May to September.

A more low-key Serbian nightlife experience, accompanied by traditional music known as "Starogradska" (roughly translated as Old Town Music), is most prominent in Skadarlija, the city's old bohemian neighborhood that features historic taverns and bars with Gypsy fiddlers.

With so many places to chose from it could take months to find your favourite clubs. Feel free to ask the Belgradians to recommend you a place to go in the city center or other locations where you can enjoy your drink and have fun.

They don't charge entrance fees at Belgrade clubs. But it doesn’t mean you can come and go as you wish. All local clubs have a checkpoint at their entrance where face control is carried out by staff. Without the reservation, there are very slim chances you’re going to get into the club that evening.

Also, Belgrade has many festivals & parties that may interest you. The biggest festival of all is the "Belgrade Beer Fest", an annual event in mid-August with lots of beer and good music. If you are more into closed parties, you can visit the "Belgrade Foam Fest" or the "White Sensation party". If you are a jazz fan, don't miss out the "Belgrade Jazz Festival".

And the list goes on....

If you're not sure where to start, below you can find a list of the most well-known clubs for a night out depending on the choice of music/venue.

Tiny romantic place

Tiny romantic place

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Center City Penthouse

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Lazar Lux Apartments

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Phoenix Apartment

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Apartment Greenfield

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Deluxe one bedroom apartment

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Breakfast included! Bed & Breakfast Villa Marija

Bed & Breakfast Villa Marija

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White harmony

White harmony

Crnogorska 7, Belgrade
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Spa Intimo - Apartment Amantes

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Avala Lux Apartment

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Turquoise romance

Turquoise romance

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City center Villa Forever

Villa Forever

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Villa Forever is a hotel located in the center of Belgrade and offers accommodation on a room basis. More info
Breakfast included B&B Botel Charlie

B&B Botel Charlie

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Carpe Diem Apartments

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Belgrade Turtle Cruise

Belgrade Turtle Cruise

Belgrade, Serbia
Enjoy a unique experience to see the best Belgrade has to offer on one of its famous Turtle Boats.  More info
Walking Tour Belgrade Center - Kalemegdan

Walking Tour Belgrade Center - Kalemegdan

Belgrade, Serbia
Walking Tour Belgrade Center – Kalemegdan includes a tour of the center of Belgrade, including More info

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