How to create vacancies?

Hello partner! Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating vacancies. Please note that the images in this post are clikcable for a larger view.

To create a vacancy first you have to log in with your credentials. Use our ribbon on the upper right above the menu.

Click on my account/login and fill in your user name and password you used to register as partner.

Partner login

Now use our main menu bar and hover/click on “Partners” to open up the sub menu. Choose and click on “Partner Page”.

Homepage link to Partner Page

The Partner page appears. Find and click on the “Create vacancies” button.

Create vacancies button

The page titled “Create vacancies” appears. (See picture below). Kindly fill out the “Season name” field with a phrase that will help you identify the vacancy period. (Like high season, low season, new year’s special, spring sale – or anything else you might find appropriate.)

In the fields below that please select the accommodation and room type and the number of available rooms.

In the fields below that please enter your price per day and weekend price per day if the two prices are different. If the two prices are the same, kindly enter a zero (0) in the “Weekend price per day” field.

In the last two fields kindly indicate the start date and the end date of the vacancy (You can use a small icons to the right of these fields that represent the calendar to open it and select a dates instead to manually type the dates).

IMPORTANT: The end date of the vacancy can only be a check out day.

If you’re satisfied, click on the “Create” button to create the vacancy. (Or the “Update” button if you’re editing an existing vacancy.)

(Note to our partners who want to edit existing vacancies:  First, you need to click on the “My vacancies” button on the Partner Page. This will open up the “My vacancies” page. Here you can select the accommodation and the existing vacancy you wish to edit.)

Vacancy basic info

When you click on the “Create” button to create vacancy, kindly wait for the next screen to appear. On the next page you will see the following green notification “Success: your vacancy was successfully created!”. (See picture below). You can always edit the existing vacancy or you can create as many new vacancies as you need.

Technical note: if you want to create a new vacancy season right away while you’re still on this page, you must click on the blue “Submit vacancies” submenu AGAIN so that the system can display a new vacancy form to fill in.

Vacancy success

The vacancy will be displayed in the search results of your accommodation in the availability tab (see no. 1 in picture below). It can also be displayed in the main page widget boxes (see no. 2 in picture below).

Vacancy in room listing

If you need help creating vacancies, we’re here to assist you. Feel free to contact us.

Let’s see a few examples to avoid gaps and overlapping in the vacancy seasons:

Your single room is available to book from 1 January to 31 January. You want to have two different vacancy seasons with different prices. The first season, “new year’s special” has a  price of 60 euros per day from 1 January to 10 January. You enter 1 January as the start date and 11 January as the end date. 11 january will be the check-out date and there’s no price or availability for 11 January in the availability calendar that Customers use on our website to make a booking.

To avoid a gap in the January vacancy, the next season, “January regular” with a price of 40 euros per day must have 11 January as the start date and 1 Feb as end date. That way both the 11th and 31st January are available for booking.

If you for some reason want to change the two vacancies in January, you can always edit the start date and end date fields of the two vacancies in January. Or you can create as many additional vacancies as you need.

Another example. You have one single room. If you overlap two vacancy seasons, the system will register your only single room as two single rooms for the overlapping period.

If you have all time availability for a particular room and you decide to change the price, you can update the existing vacancy with the new price. (If you change the price by creating a parallel second vacancy for the same room and same period and leave the first vacancy undeleted, the system will register that you have two rooms available for the same period.)

Note (please read):

The Destinelo booking system is based on vacancies. Vacancy is the period when accommodation is available to book. So you create vacancies for different time periods, depending on accommodation availability. They form the basis for the availability calendar displayed on your accommodation page on Destinelo. If it is necessary, vacancies can be edited any time – this is your responsibility as our partner to keep your booking calendar and Rates on Destinelo up-to-date. Once a booking of your accommodation is made outside the Destinelo booking system (on a different website, including your own) which affects availability, it is necessary for you to edit your vacancies on Destinelo to avoid double booking and customer dissatisfaction. It is your task to synchronise availability throughout various websites where your accommodation is displayed.

HOWEVER, if the booking is made WITHIN the Destinelo system, there’s no need for you to edit vacancies on Destinelo because the system will automatically update the availability calendar.

If you cannot update your availability regularly on, it is necessary to state that visitors must use the “Send inquiry” button to request information of availability via email before continuing with the reservation of accommodation.

The Send inquiry” button opens up an  Inquiry form on our website which allows Customers to inquire about a certain date or period they’re interested to book. The system will forward this Inquiry form to you in email. Once you reply and confirm that your room/accommodation is available to book, we will inform the customer that they can proceed with the booking on our website. Please see the previous step, “How to create accommodation“, where you can choose whether you want to allow the inquiry form to be displayed on your accommodation page or not. If you choose not to display the Inquiry form, customers will go directly to booking your accommodation. (But you will need to confirm the booking anyway, as explained below).

As the first step of a real booking process, you will get an e-mail from the Destinelo system titled “New customer reservation – please confirm!” This requires confirmation of availability from your part to make sure the booking can proceed without any problem. When you confirm that the booking can proceed, our system will complete the reservation process and you can consider the booking completed (no more emails will be sent).



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