Destinelo Commission Percentage and Booking guarantee of your Service

Commission Percentage

If you don’t need a booking guarantee or payment in advance, 10% of the total amount is retained by the Destinelo booking system as the regular Commission Percentage after each successful booking of accommodation, car rental, tour or cruise service, which means that you are not required to send us monthly compensation or engage in costly bank transactions. The remaining 90% is to be collected from the Customer on location by you.

If you need a guarantee or payment in advance, the Destinelo system can be set to ask for a higher deposit percentage during the booking process of your Service.

An example: if you want 20% payment in advance, the system will calculate a 20% deposit plus a 10% Commission fee (or more based on prior agreement) for your service, resulting in a total of 30% of deposit percentage during the booking process. When your cancellation period expires Destinelo will retain 10% (or more based on prior agreement*) from the Total Price as base Commission fee and forward you the remaining amount based on the booking confirmation email sent by the Destinelo booking system. You will need to notify Destinelo of your preferred form of payment.

You can also have different deposits for your rooms/cabins. For example if you have a specific expensive room/cabin type that you want 50% advanced payment for and the rest of your Service to be at 20% deposit we can set the deposits based on these requirements. If you have more than one deposit type, the services can’t be combined in one booking process, they need to be booked separately, one service at a time.

*The 10% Commission Fee applies to regular offers. Featured offers or paid advertisement on Destinelo require a higher Commission Percentage. You can find out more on the following links:

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