Vienna Christmas market
  From the middle of November until Christmas, Vienna’s prettiest squares transform into magical Christmas markets. The aroma of Christmas cookies and hot punch sets the mood for the Christmas holidays along with the delicate crafts of hundreds of artisans. 20 Christmas markets on different key locations are set up to welcome locals and tourists […]
Budapest apartments
The inner city, the Buda Castle, the Parliament Building and the Heroes’ Square are just some of the many sights that attract thousands of visitors to Budapest on a daily basis. The city, full of history and impressive buildings, is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe. For an unforgettable sightseeing experience we recommend […]
Belgrade apartments
What makes a good trip? Nice scenery, good food, friendly locals, great bars and cafes. If you’re looking for a destination to have fun and enjoy yourself, visit Belgrade for a weekend getaway. You’re guaranteed to have a good time. For a great experience we recommend booking accommodation in Belgrade on our website. Click on […]
Vienna apartment
Imperial palaces, baroque gardens, museums, shopping are just a few of many reasons for traveling to Vienna. A city full of history is one of the most popular destinations for sightseeing – a weekend in Vienna or a trip to Vienna offers a memorable experience. For an unforgettable experience, we recommend booking accommodation in Vienna […]
Belgrade Beer fest - featured
Belgrade Beer Fest is the biggest annual beer festival in Southeast Europe, with free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands. In 2010 the festival attracted about 900,000 visitors and the number is growing. Since its launch in 2003, the festival established itself as a 4-5 day […]
Schönbrunn Palace Gardens
The former Habsburg summer residence, Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historical monuments in Austria which is also a Unesco World Heritage site. This baroque complex is surrounded by an enchanting park. During the reign of Maria Theresa, as an imperial summer residence, Schönbrunn Palace became the glittering focus of […]
Best beaches - Budva, Montenegro
Budva is one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic, with its picturesque old town lying on a peninsula stretching into the sea. The city’s main attraction is the medieval castle wall and the Citadel which offers a magnificent view of the Budva riviera. Due to its historic heritage, its 38 km long shoreline and […]
Belgrade Rivers - A City Where Two Mighty Rivers Meet
Belgrade is a City at the Confluence of Two Rivers – the Sava and the Danube The Sava meets the Danube in the center of Belgrade, at the spectacular location known as Ušće (confluence), forming two islands at its delta, the Big and Small War Islands making Belgrade the only European capital that has two […]
Gardoš Tower in Belgrade, Serbia
Gardoš Tower is a protected historic monument and a look-out tower that is located in Belgrade’s municipality of Zemun on top of Gardoš hill overlooking the right bank of the Danube. Rising above Zemun municipality, Gardoš tower is the major historical landmark of Zemun which can be seen from all parts of the district and […]
Belgrade, Republic Square
If you want to discover Belgrade, the central Republic Square would be a good place to start. It is the center of the city in many ways: surrounded by some of Belgrade’s most recognizable public buildings and streets, it is one of the busiest places in the city. It is also a main transportation hub […]